Patrick Cowan Bio

Patrick CowanPatrick Cowan is a senior professional within the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery field. He possesses exceptional interpersonal group dynamics skills that enable projects to be accomplished on-time, on-budget and effectively.

Patrick has exceptional expertise within the technology arena as-well-as managing large business portfolios within the continuity of operations program. His leadership and team building skills allow for exceptional “buy-in” from management as well as the associates tasked with the management of the ongoing Continuity of Operations project.


  • Managing Partner, Tubaiste
  • Director of Corporate Disaster Recovery, Qwest Communications
  • Manager of Corporate Disaster Recovery, AT&T Local Services
  • Mission Assignment Coordinator, FEMA
  • Response/Recovery Planner, FEMA


  • Qwest Communications Disaster Recovery Program
  • AT&T Local Services Corporate Disaster Recovery Plan
  • AT&T Local Services Emergency Communications Plan

Honors and Recognition

  • Letter of appreciation Houston, Texas
  • Commendation from Governor of Oregon
  • Letter of commendation from AT&T
  • Letter of appreciation from the Naval Militia of New York/New Jersey
  • Led federal agency Emergency Support Function response from 1992 through 1996 for FEMA
  • Analysis and preparation of disaster response and recovery training text and documents
  • Established financial controls on $17 Billion in Federal aid
  • Instituted a complete reinvention of federal funding for disasters
  • Provided training to federal agency’s and departments in disaster control
  • Developed multiple corporate Disaster Recovery Programs for fortune 500 organizations
  • Provides interpretation of regulations and guidance governing continuity/disaster recovery planning
  • Provides for identification of infrastructure mitigation strategies to insure compliance with industry standards